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Your Flaws Aren't Picturesque
May 2014

We were honored that our third, and quite possibly final, full-length was one of the last releases of London's weePOP! Records. A tiny but inimitable indie-pop label, weePOP! was a great partner to us over the course of several years, releasing many of our early records. Without our relationship with weePOP!, our three terrific UK tours simply wouldn't have happened.

This album was recorded live in front of a small audience at Armory Sound in Somerville, Mass. on Aug. 23 and 24, 2013. Here are 349 photos of the two shows (and rehearsal), courtesy Amber Duntley.

The album is available as a 12" LP on white vinyl, with a lyric sheet and MP3 download card. Or, you can purchase or stream it online wherever you usually do such things.

A Purpose of the Surface
February 2012

Our second full-length, released on Odd Box Records. Seventeen songs, recorded live in the studio over a three-day weekend, on limited edition CD. Download it from iTunes, emusic, or another fine online retailer, stream it on Spotify or at Odd Box's Bandcamp page, or visit the Odd Box website to purchase a physical copy. Copies will be soon be available for purchase here as well.

October 2011

Four-song CD EP with bonus twelve-page songbook. The book includes transcriptions of all the songs with ukulele chords and lyrics. Released on Odd Box Records (UK), UK folks can order the EP from the Odd Box site, while US folks can use the PayPal link below to order directly from the band. Only $8 plus $1.50 shipping.

Standard Fare on One Happy Island
January 2011

A split seven-inch with our friends Standard Fare from England -- two songs by each band. Released by Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. UK and European customers should head to Thee SPC's site to pick this up; US customers click the PayPal button below. Price is $8.50 including shipping and an MP3 download code.

One Happy Island
July 2010

Our first full-length is available from Odd Box Records (UK). While you're visiting the Odd Box site to buy the CD, take a look at the video for "Cave City Sunrise," shot by the band themselves on Super 8. You can also download a bonus single: "Elegant Elephant" and an off-the-cuff home recording of Lonnie Donegan's "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor."

If you prefer, you can purchase mp3s on iTunes, eMusic, or Amazon. Lyrics to all the songs can be found here.


This self-released CD with hand-screened artwork was assembled for our 2009 U.S. tour. It included all the songs on our first three EPs, shown to the right. Available for $12.

Secret Party That the Other Party Doesn't Know About

Released 2009 on Weepop! Records (UK), this blue-vinyl seven-inch is also available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, et al.

  1. Temporary Tattoo
  2. Earth's Circumference
  3. Shorthand
  4. Mothball

Pulaski Park

Oldie but goodie. Weepop!, 2008. Available on iTunes and Amazon.

  1. Anita
  2. Florida, Dear
  3. Potential
  4. Laser Show

One Happy Island (EP)

Kazoo starts at home. No longer available.